Wavves, Best Coast & No Joy -《Summer Is Forever》[EP][iTunes Plus AAC]

Wavves, Best Coast & No Joy -《Summer Is Forever》[EP][iTunes Plus AAC]
  • 片  名  Wavves, Best Coast & No Joy -《Summer Is Forever》[EP][iTunes Plus AAC]
  • 简  介  音乐风格: 摇滚发行时间: 2011年01月11日地区: 美国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍专辑英文名: Summer Is Forever歌手: Wavves, Best Coast No Joy音乐风格: 摇滚版本: [EP][iTunes Plus AAC]发行时间: 2011年01月11日地区: 美国语言: 英语简介: 唱片公司: 2011 Mexican Summer / Fat Possum
    音乐类型: Alternative
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    三个另类摇滚乐队的合集EP,最喜欢Best Coast了,千万不能错过Crazy for You和When You Wake Up,这张EP听起来像是现场一样(难道真是现场?),好了,就说这么多了,具体对这三个乐队我不太清楚,网上也没啥介绍,大家喜欢的拿去吧,如果知道这三乐队的可以PM我,好添点介绍~
    引用(iTunes)Best Coast
    Bethany Cosentino was no stranger to the stage when she began working on recordings with bandmate Bobb Bruno under the name Best Coast in 2009. A former child actress, Cosentino had started writing songs in her teens, and had garnered a strong online following by the time she was 17 thanks to a handful of squeaky-clean pop tunes she made available on her MySpace page under the nom de teen pop Bethany Sharayah. I had interest from major labels, she said in a 2009 interview with PopSense. And it was kind of overwhelming and I realized that I wasn't ready to be a ‘pop princess.' In the years that followed, Cosentino put in time as a member of the spacy experimental pop group Pocahaunted and went to school in New York. She moved back to Los Angeles in 2009, at which point she started working with Bruno on Best Coast's first demos.
    Drawing inspiration from '60s surf rock and girl groups, Best Coast's noisy lo-fi sound gave a nod to contemporaneous acts like Hot Lava, the Vivian Girls, and Brilliant Colors. Best Coast's first year saw a flurry of little releases: a self-titled 7 single on Art Fag; a cassette tape release, Where the Boys Are, on the U.K. label Blackest Rainbow; a split 7 , Up All Night, on Atelier Ciseaux; an EP, Make You Mine, on Group Tightener; and a self-titled 7 on Black Iris. Best Coast had become something of a sensation by the time 2009 came to a close; the band enjoyed a bit of attention from the media (notably from Nylon magazine), and Make You Mine made its way onto a few year-end lists. The band embarked on its first U.S. tour early the following year, sharing the stage with the Vivian Girls. Their profile continued to rise in 2010 with the release of When I'm with You, which was accompanied by an adorably cute video. The duo signed to Mexican Summer Records and began work on a debut album. Meanwhile, Cosentino made a summer single for Converse (a collaboration with Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij and rapper Kid Cudi) and Best Coast added a full-time drummer, ex-Vivian Girl Ali Koehler. The group's album Crazy for You, which featured Cosentino's cat, Snacks, on the cover, was released in July. ~ Margaret Reges, Rovi ☆试听贴在回复贴上了,试听曲目为原AAC文件压缩的192K的MP3,不能代表原文件音质。
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