《MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench》(MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench)5.0.1GA

《MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench》(MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench)5.0.1GA
  • 片  名  《MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench》(MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench)5.0.1GA
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2006年08月08日制作发行: Genuitec
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  • 详细介绍中文名: MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench英文名: MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench版本: 5.0.1GA发行时间: 2006年08月08日制作发行: Genuitec地区: 美国简介:
    [已通过安全检测]江民2006 病毒库:2006-08-19
    Genuitec 正式发布了MyEclipse 5.0 新版本。
    MyEclipse 5.0 是为Eclipse 3.2 量身打造的,并且同时伴随了对Callisto 的支持。
    此次发布的新版本包括了完整的Matisse4MyEclipse interface builder,以及Ajax/Web 2.0 工具。支持Windows、Linux 和Mac OSX。
    -对Eclipse 3.2 和Callisto 完全的支持;
    -Web service 支持等等;
    -扩大了Struts 和JSF 对MS SQL Server 以及Sybase 的支持;
    -提升了Hibernate 3.1.X 和Spring 2.X 支持;
    -增加了Ajax/Web 2.0 工具;
    -对国际化和本地化的I18N 支持;
    -Websphere 6.1,Sun Java Application Server System 9.0 以及Glassfish 1.0 应用服务器的connector
    The MyEclipse 5.0 release includes major enhancements and bug fixes for the MyEclipse environment over the previous 4.1.1 GA release, including:
    Full compatibility with Eclipse 3.2 and Callisto projects
    Matisse4MyEclipse integration into MyEclipse
    Now includes customizable palettes
    Web Service support, including:
    Project and project creation wizard
    Customizable library containers
    New Web Services Wizard
    Deploy web-service web-app
    Services .xml file editor
    Java editor with JSR-181 annotation support and code-assist
    WSDL editor
    Web Services Explorer
    Java hot-swap debug support MyEclipse hot-sync support for web services application
    Quick-start documentation and example projects
    Add Web Services capabilities to existing Web and Java projects
    Cross-platform Visual HTML Editor including Struts and JSF
    Expanded database support for MS SQL Server and Sybase
    View triggers, functions, and procedures in DB Explorer
    Generate and edit the DDL for triggers and procedures
    Function Runner - runs functions by generating UI - executes procedure
    Supports access to the sp_help facility for any selected object to get additional DB information
    Enhanced Hibernate 3.1.X and Spring 1.2.X support
    AJAX/Web 2.0 tool extensions
    Instant-on JavaScript Debugging, extending the integrated MyEclipse local JavaScript debugger to allow the user to debug remote JavaScript applications
    Full Linux and Mac support
    Full I18N support for internationalization and localized support
    New Websphere 6.1, Sun Java Application Server System 9.0, and Glassfish 1.0 application server connectors
    Customizable server launch configurations
    And more
    Though Matisse4MyEclipse is fully integrated into MyEclipse and supported on Linux, Mac users will be unable to utilize the Matisse4MyEclipse, MyUML, and MyEclipse Image Editor functions due to the long-standing Eclipse SWT_AWT bug #145890.
    The MyEclipse 5.0 release is available to all free trial users, but prior installation of Eclipse 3.2 SDK is necessary before downloading MyEclipse 5.0. No other prerequisites are required.
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