《Outlook电子邮件数据恢复工具》(SysTools Software OST Recovery)v3.1.0.0[压缩包]

《Outlook电子邮件数据恢复工具》(SysTools Software OST Recovery)v3.1.0.0[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《Outlook电子邮件数据恢复工具》(SysTools Software OST Recovery)v3.1.0.0[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2011年制作发行: Convert OST.语言: 英文
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    软件类型:软件 网络软件
    SysTools Software OST Recovery---Outlook电子邮件数据恢复工具。当您遇到服务器的损害,无法访问您的电子邮件文件。使用OST Recovery到Outlook转换,可以转换OST文件到PST的Outlook格式,然后可以在Outlook中查看您所有的电子邮件数据。 SysTools OST Recovery Software – Convert OST to PST
    Are you looking for a tool to know - How to convert ost to pst file ?
    Congratulations! You have just come across an ace-quality and high-performing ost to pst conversion tool that will help you convert OST files, thereby, allowing you to access all your email data in Outlook PST even after Exchange Server crash! Isn’t this easy process of converting OST to PST using our simple and intuitive SysTools OST Recovery Tool a great way to get back your crucial email data information?
    Reasons for OST File Becoming Unusable:
    Unexpected database corruption
    Breakdown of the Exchange Server
    Sudden application and Server shutdowns
    Virus attacks on the system damaging data
    Trojan infections causing the files to corrupt
    Software malfunctioning or hardware failure
    Mistaken deletion of a user email account from Exchange
    Rebuilding information stores in the MS Exchange Server
    Desynchronization of OST file with Microsoft Exchange Server
    No storage space and capacity for backing up heavy sized OST files
    Damage can also be caused while upgrading from old to new Server
    Emergence of CRC errors at the time of copying some bulky OST file from one location to another
    Get Full Version – Your Email Data is Awaiting to be Accessed! Your optimism of getting back complete and accurate that was stored in OST files must have brought you here. So, why don’t you exploit our potential of getting back all your email data to you? Our SysTools OST Recovery software will do wonders for you. All you need to do is to invest a small amount and you will get all your data converted from OST file to PST format of Outlook, which you can then view in your Outlook application.
    OST to PST Conversion Software: SysTools OST Recovery software works as an OST to PST email conversion helping you to convert Exchange to PST data. When your Exchange Server damages; you lose access to your crucial email files. Using this OST to Outlook conversion, you can convert OST files to PST format of Outlook and can then view all your email data in Outlook. The process to export OST database to PST using this OST to Outlook tool is so easy that you will love using our software.
    Benefit Bundle of Our Product:
    Using SysTools OST Recovery tool, you can recovers emails, calendar entries, Address Book contacts, notes, journals etc from OST files
    Using our software, you can converts OST files to PST
    The interface of the software is very user-friendly. You get a very easy and well guided stepwise process to convert OST files
    The software will restores original formatting of RTF and HTML
    You get the facility of trying the software free of cost by downloading the FREE Demo Version of SysTools OST Recovery software
    Software supports Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000
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